Bare Knuckle III


Catalog# G-4116

Capacity 24M

Price 7,800円

Released 18/03/1994

  • 1-2 Player
  • Action
  • 6 Button pad compatible
  • Streets of Rage III
  • Streets of Rage III


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  • Not long ago I found out just how much SEGA of America destroyed this game. All they needed to do was translate the game, not change the intro story, the story in game ie; ruining it, censor characters, delete characters, palette swap (Axel wearing Adam’s clothes just doesn’t look right!) and take out the ‘normal’ setting and default hard so it takes hours to get through and becomes a bit of a chore. Sound FX aren’t as solid as II, the music taking prominence over them. The Soundtrack? Hmmm, not just by Mr Koshiro composed them this time(it shows) and they used a random riff editor on some tracks. I have to admit most doesn’t come across well unless you like abstract oddness but there are some belters in there. My advice? unless you are a Jap. MD game whore competest or can read Japanese I wouldn’t bother. Download the game and the language patch for PC via an emulator to see how good it should have been. Failing that attempt to get S.O.R.remake to hear what the soundtrack was trying to convey, which is an absolutely awesome game.