Catalog# T-11043

Capacity 4M

Price 6,800円

Released 10/08/1990

  • 1 Player
  • Action


A side scrolling hack-and-slash-em-up where you take the role of a barbarian who tries to defeat the evil wizard.

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Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rastan_Saga_II


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  • Eeer…um….What? Rastan? More like Bashtan. Don’t bother unless you really need all the MD games ever in the World (or something). What I don’t get is where the original Rastan is interesting but hard as nails, this seems a chore and snoozeworthy, put an alarm clock on is my advice. Quite like the music though. Wish they had brought the original out instead……

  • scherbe

    Bullshit game but somehow cult!

  • Prozium

    Maybe you need to take your heads out of your asses. It’s actually a good game. The only difference is the sprites are larger compared to the arcade version of Rastan. Both games are the same, the combat is the same, animations are the same and Rastan gets different weapons. Same shit.