Thunder Fox


Catalog# T-11113

Capacity 8M

Price 8,500円

Released 26/06/1991

  • 1 Player
  • Action


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  • I remember an old carpet shop having the arcade version of this for a while, I certainly spent a fair few pounds trying to get past the first stage. When this was featured in Mean Machines Sega as being a forthcoming release I think I must have read the 50 odd words of text about a million times just because I couldn’t believe my luck! Playing this today I can’t really see what all the hype was about but at the time I was one of the games biggest fans. Not a patch on Rolling Thunder 2 though

    • Ian

      It was like that wasn’t it- reading back things again and again in those pre-internet days! Never played the arcade but it does look a lot better. I’ve got this version and it plays ok, quite hard though (or maybe I’m just poor at the game).