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Price 7,200円

Released 25/09/1992

  • 1 Player
  • Action


Behind the shockingly English style cover and horribly babyish cartoon introduction lies a traditional platform game. You control a dog (a wonderful one I guess) and you must traverse 7 worlds for a reason that I didn’t care about sufficiently to remember. The important thing here is that you have a smooth, perfectly programmed platform game inside. Oh, and being a dog, you love to collect bones – genius.


I should not like this game. The artwork isn’t of my preferred Japanese style, the platform action isn’t as precise as Mario, nor is it as fast as Sonic. What is there to recommend it? Well, the graphics are colourful, lush, animated suitably, and very smooth. There is limited (but good) use of the Mega-CD’s hardware scaling, the levels are varied, and I’ve never had so much success (without consulting FAQs) at finding in-game secrets and hidden levels.

In short, this is one of the most pleasingly put together and highly polished Sega-CD games out there. I must reiterate how well drawn the sprites & backgrounds are, are and how well the tunes fit the game – everything within simply works well. Were it released on a cart, I’m sure this would be far more fondly remembered, but hidden away – only released on this format, it will probably remain a relatively unknown gem.

Take how cheap this game is, add to that the quality therein, and you have an unmissable title if you like the genre. There are rumours going around that I prefer it to Sonic.

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