Catalog# T-22013

Capacity 4M

Price 6,800円

Released 23/12/1989

  • 1 Player
  • 'em up


Awaiting overview


If you expect to find with this game another lost gem from the past, you might as well read some other review because Curse is pretty far from being a masterpiece.

Now that I got this out of the way, for those of you who decided to stick around, what do we have here?

Well Curse is a strange game. Take the graphics for example. They look chaotic, the color palette is often a punch in the eye and the scrolling is really not that smooth. So they should suck right? Wrong.

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[youtube_sc url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvT4oV0ggYk width=320 height=240 ]