Mutant League Football

Electronic Arts Victor

Electronic Arts

Catalog# EM20018

Capacity 8M

Price 8,900円

Released 10/09/1993

  • 1-2 Player
  • �Sport
  • Mutant League Football
  • Mutant League Football


The game deviates from usual football simulations in several ways. Most notably it takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where radiation has caused the human race to mutate and the dead to rise from the grave. The game instruction manual states that the exact causes of the upheaval have been lost or corrupted, due to (among many things) the chaos of an alien invasion, spin control, a sloppy filing system set up by a temp, and what appears to be barbecue sauce.

Landmines, fire pits, and other hazards (such as areas being open to empty space) litter the field, which can be made of rock, ice, or eventoxic waste or rubber, and players can lose health or die during the run of play (upon which they will fumble). Teams have special Nasty Audibles, which are dirty (not to mention excessively violent) tricks such as exploding balls, invisibility, electric shocks, jet packs, or jumping the other quarterback with intent to kill, that lead to big gains and/or horrific casualties. Killing enough players causes an opposing team to forfeit.



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