Rocket Knight Adventures


Catalog# T-95063

Capacity 8M

Price 7,800円

Released 06/08/1993

  • 1 Player
  • Action


The Kingdom is under attack by the Devotindos Empire led by Emperor Devligus Devotindos; who is said to have the power of hypnosis. Sparkster rushes to the castle, sensing Axel Gear’s Presence. Sure enough, Axel Gear has kidnapped Princess Sherry in attempt to blackmail the king into surrendering The “Key to the Seal”. However it just so happens that the Princess is the only one who knows of its location. Sparkster rushes through jungles, caves, and even into Devotindos territory to save the princess.

Sparkster would finally confront Devilgus himself, who quickly flees after he has obtained the “Key to the Seal” from the Princess and takes off into space to The Pig Star. The Princess cast a spell on Sparkster which would allow him to go after Devilgus and into The Pig Star. Sparkster fights the Emperor himself, only to discover he was a machine all along. After Devilgus’ destruction, Sparkster runs into Axel Gear, who tries to jettison Sparkster into space, only to have himself sucked into space instead. Sparkster then goes to destroy the Core of the Pig Star, to get rid of the threat once and for all. Upon reaching the core, Sparkster discovers that Devligus has uploaded his memory into the core, and attempts to destroy Sparkster. However Devilgus’ efforts fail as The Pig Star explodes, and he makes a last-ditch effort to kill Sparkster while he’s defenseless in an escape pod, eventually burning apart in Elhorn’s atmosphere. Sparkster manages to escape in one piece and reaches the castle with Princess Sherry. Sparkster is pleased with the safety of the Princess and the Kingdom itself, but accepts no reward as he blasts off into the horizon, leaving the King, and Princess to simply wave goodbye instead.



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