Replay come down…

Seven days have passed since Replay Expo in Blackpool, and instead of wandering round retro heaven talking about video games with loads of people, I’ve consoled myself with a lovely boxed Mega Jet and the latest issue of Retro Gamer (good feature on The Revenge of Shinobi!).

Replay was great, Ian and I were there, with our 16-bit shirts on, and had a great time. Plenty of people asked about the shirts and the site, which was fantastic, so if you were one of the people we met over the two days, thank you for saying hello!

We met so many friends that we chat to on twitter, so it was a real pleasure to meet up with the RetroCollect gang, including Katsu and Cauterize, who’d worked really hard setting up competitions and creating golden joystick trophies to give out to the winners.

A major upside of the event was that Ian and I finally got to play a sit down co-op on Golden Axe for the first time ever, having not played it together before. A downside was too much kicking each other and trying to do the game without using magic meant we didn’t finish it! Better luck next year!

A fantastic weekend, a bunch of new Mega Drive games acquired from Console Passion – scans coming soon – and reviews to slowly follow… see you all there again next year.

Pic by @jamieoretro