Early Sonic screenshots

In one of Ian’s videos, he talks about a Japanese magazine called BEEP! that he’d won on ebay, and how it has early screenshots of Sonic The Hedgehog within. We’ve had a lot of people contacting us on Twitter, in the video comments and on forums asking to see the screenshots.

Ian’s taken a few photos and emailed them over, so until he gets near a scanner with BEEP!, you’ll have to make do with these snaps!


Will it replace Alex?

Sonic action game aims to become popular original title.

Original Sega character action game targetted for spring release. We have no details at the moment but from the screens you can tell that the game has a slighly different colour touch to past Sega games. With a hip, cool and  bright happy feeling this gives a good initial impression. We look forward to seeing whether this is the birth of a new character to replace Alex Kidd Osaru.

Comical Action where cute characters fly?

So look forward to the release – just a little longer!

Many thanks to David Coyles for the quick translation.

Translation 2:

Another friend in Japan sent over his translation (I’d asked both David & John at the same time) and John expands just a little on some of the copy. Including both for completeness.

Title: Sonic the Hedgehog

Sega/Release Date Unknown/Price Unknown/ACT

Subtitle: “Could it be another Alex Kidd?

“They are trying to create a new original character with this “Sonic the Hedgehog”. Please stay tuned for further details.”

Main text: “For release next Spring comes an original character action game from Sega.

“We don’t have details on what sort of game this will turn out to be but judging from screens it looks quite different from anything we’ve seen to date from Sega. We think the colorful and bright graphics could turn out to be popular.

“It remains to be seen whether this will turn into another Alex Kidd Osaaru for Sega!”

Left picture caption: “The title screen. Will this become another popular original character for Sega?”

Right picture caption: “Will it be cute character graphics with whimsical action?”

Right most picture: “…you will just have to wait and see!”

Copy inside picture says “debut closing in”.

John adds “I didn’t know Alex Kidd’s full name was Alex Kidd Osaaru, WTF?? Kind of interesting they are like “What in the world is this game about” tone, like just the screens are blowing their minds so they don’t know what to say.”

Thanks to @gaspode_t for the second translation.