Early Sonic scans

As promised, Ian has scanned the Sonic pics from his copy of BEEP! Mega Drive.

I think the guys on the SonicRetro.org boards will be happy, as it proves a few things they’ve been speculating on, and have got right. Oh, and can you validate a few requests please!

I’ve edited the colour of the scans ever so slightly, bringing the levels in and adding a slight unsharp mask, however, there are areas of the scans out of focus.

Without further ado, here’s the pics…

  • What is your Retro username that you’re stuck in Pending Membership with?

    • jake74 – much appreciated if you can have a look

      • Aha, I see the post. Would you be willing to go by just the username “jake” instead?

        We tend to prefer people to not use things like numbers in their username to distiguish, and we don’t actually have anyone else with just the username “jake” right now.

        • of course. just instantly assumed there was a jake there already, and so picked my usually handle. thanks!

  • Go Jake!