Posters update

We’re so close to being able to put the posters up for sale.

We have them printed, we’ve got an online shop ready to rock, we’ve got Paypal set up, we just need poster tubes!

You’ll know as soon as we’re ready!

  • Tomou

    Hi guys,
    I just ordered one of your posters, they look fantastic, thanks for doing this. Congrats on your website as well. I noticed you’re missing some game covers, if you want any help just let me know as I posess a lot of those unlisted games.



    • Hey Tom, thank you very much for buying a poster. The next batch will be sent out on Tuesday. Be sure to let us know when it arrives.

      As for cover scans, I’m quietly adding more and more games to my collection, so I will probably get them all in due time… however I may take you up on the offer!